Client Reviews

"Amazing would be an understatement when describing Jen. She is knowledgeable, responsive, considerate, funny and even when you first meet her you kind of feel like you've known her for years! She's everything you need in a realtor and then some!

She came by our condo to give us some advice on what we should do to get it sold quickly and for top dollar. We listened and it paid off tremendously! Our house was only on the market for a week! The whole process was incredibly smooth and Jen kept us in the loop about everything.

Realtors are busy people with other clients and their attention is often divided but I never felt that way with Jen, she listens and is so caring and accommodating. She's also very tenacious - she will stay on top of people to get the answers you need! No need to follow up with her cause by the time you think about reaching out to her for an update, she's already emailed or texted you one.

In short, she will be our realtor for life (cause we'll be super rich one day and buy multiple properties) and we will refer her to everyone we know! Stop reading this review and call her already!”

-Cynthia & Chuck S.

“Jen helped my husband and I sell our rental property and we couldn't be happier with the results. Jen's estimate of the value of the property was so much higher than the other agent I had spoken to that I was concerned at first if she could deliver.

We decided to trust her instincts and take her advice about some minor improvements and upgrades and it paid off. The property sold in just over a month for close to the full asking price.

Jen was not just there for us through the entire process but she went above and beyond by helping me to find a new tenant when one of them moved out!

I would definitely call Jen again if I ever need to buy or sell another property.”

-Eleanor S.

“All the reviews are true! Jen is an absolute professional and it's obvious she loves what she does.

During the sale of our home she was personable, straightforward, and super responsive. She effortlessly managed the sale of our home and helped us look for our next place all while my wife was 9 months pregnant - talk about making things easy.

Would I recommend her? Absolutely, without hesitation.

Thanks Jen!”

-Mark M.

“I have to say, Jen Rix was a delight to work with! We had a fairly difficult seller on our home purchase and Jen handled every situation professionally and skillfully. Just after we opened escrow she went out of town on a planned, and well deserved, vacation.

While she was gone, some unusual situations came up (we had some unknown title situations) and we feared the whole purchase was going to fall apart. Nobody seemed to know what to do or who was doing what! Jen came back and took the "bull by the horns," and ironed everything out.

On top of that, she is funny, bubbly, and her sense of humor is infectious. We never left a meeting or a phone call without feeling happy and positive!

I cannot recommend Jen highly enough!”

-Gary & Jane S.

“Best. Realtor. Ever.

Jen is the most tenacious, considerate, caring realtor I've ever encountered. My wife and I had a record setting escrow (over 14 months) It included every possibly headache, heartache, and issue that I could ever imagine and many that I could not. Despite all of this, she did not give up.

She remained determined to get us the house that we were after. I can't even begin to describe the lengths that she went to to help us realize our dream.

If you're looking for a realtor who takes the time to understand you need and find the right property to suit them, there is no better bet than Jen Rix. 10/10 she will get my business again.”

-Jerry L.

“Fortunately my wife and I took the excellent advice of a friend and agreed to meet with Jen.
She listened to our wants, needs, ambitions, opinions, conclusions, concerns, fears, etc..., and addressed each with an amazing degree of professionalism, experience, knowledge, caring, joviality, humor, and empathy.

We knew immediately that she "got" us and that our "wants, needs,... etc..." were appreciated and respected.

Jen was with us as the process unfolded: as we changed our minds, were disappointed, dealt with unfamiliar paperwork, secured financing, maneuvered through escrow.

She also introduced us to a cadre of professionals who will be helping us make our new house our new home and is still with us as we move toward occupancy.
Jen is a caring professional, and a superstar person.

We heartily recommend Jen.”

-Craig and Tina A.

“Our experience with Jen could not have been better!

Buying a property involves a lot of people and paperwork, and Jen kept on top of both to make sure that our purchase moved along quickly and hiccups were handled with the attention that my wife and I felt they deserved.

We looked at a lot of properties before finally finding that perfect one, so many that I thought Jen would tire of our pickiness. Our experience was pleasantly quite the opposite; Jen encouraged us to keep searching, and when we finally found the property that we wanted she moved into high gear and got everything done, earlier than expected.

We met Jen through a recommendation from a friend, and you can be sure we would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in San Diego.”

​​​​​​​-Mike & Kara D.
“Jen is absolutely wonderful -- an agent of the highest caliber and also an incredibly warm and kind person.

After my father died, I was completely overwhelmed at the thought of needing to sell his home, especially as I live across the country in Virginia. While reviewing sales of comparable properties, I noticed Jen listed as the seller's agent for the comparable property that closed at the highest price. After reading all of the positive reviews for Jen, I gave her a call, and she really helped me handle everything from there on, knowing it was difficult for me both emotionally and practically speaking, from such a distance.

I can't tell you how much I appreciated Jen's expertise and professionalism. Our property did close, quickly, and at top dollar. Some small unexpected things came up that needed to be resolved with my property, and Jen just helped me resolve them easily and quickly, and at a good value. She's easy to reach, easy to communicate with, and has a network of resources.

I have no doubt that Jen is equally fantastic representing buyers to get them a great purchase price -- she did wonderfully for me as a seller. I would recommend her to anyone in the San Diego area!”

​​​​​​​-Lindsay K.​​​​​​​

“Jen Rix is the absolute best. We just finished buying our first home with her. The one thing I will always remember about the experience - the way she made us feel. We felt as if we were her only client (which was definitely not the case).

She is extremely responsive, answering every email/text/call within minutes. ​​​​​​​Jen you made this experience so pleasurable, seamless and painless. She will definitely be our realtor for future real estate transactions.

Can't wait for the housewarming party!”

-Whitney P.

“We were really delighted with Jen. I second all the other positive reviews here on Yelp. Looking for a home can be so stressful, but Jen actually made the experience (gasp) *fun*! My partner and I really enjoyed her company, but as others have noted below, Jen is not only a great and attentive person, but also a top-notch professional. She got things done quickly and efficiently and kept us in the loop 100% of the time. Highly recommend.”

-Eloise D.

“Our experience with Jen could not have been better!

Buying a property involves a lot of people and paperwork, and Jen kept on top of both to make sure that our purchase moved along quickly and hiccups were handled with the attention that my wife and I felt they deserved.

We looked at a lot of properties before finally finding that perfect one, so many that I thought Jen would tire of our pickiness. Our experience was pleasantly quite the opposite; Jen encouraged us to keep searching, and when we finally found the property that we wanted she moved into high gear and got everything done, earlier than expected.

We met Jen through a recommendation from a friend, and you can be sure we would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in San Diego.”

-Mike & Kara D.

"I love my new house! It's exactly what I was looking for, standing on a beautiful lot in a fantastic neighborhood. Jen didn't build it for me, but she did just about everything else!

From the very beginning Jen listened to what I wanted in a home, singled out only those listings that were very close to matching my wish list, and didn't once waste anyone's time with anything less - which is exactly what I asked for up front. On the other hand, she seems to know every little nook of this town and was able to selectively expand my search area: I now live in a gorgeous pocket of University Heights that I never knew existed.

I'm not a very organized person. Thankfully for me, Jen took care of the zillion things that needed to be done with ease, which kept the process stress free and enjoyable for me. Not only did she close the deal in under 30 days, she was fun to work with while being extremely professional and efficient. One last thing: this woman knows everyone! That little perk came in handy pretty often: I got to see some great homes before they were advertised and had immediate access to the city's best inspectors and contractors.

I feel grateful to have worked with such a knowledgeable, thorough, and talented Agent. I can recommend Jen Rix without any reservations."

- Mark B.
"My husband and I recently sold our condo in San Diego. Jen was our real estate agent and we are both so incredibly thankful that we went with her! She is very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to both buying and selling and she is so wonderfully supportive and helpful! She 'held our hands' through the entire thing and make it seem easy.

We don't live in the area, so she basically did everything for us. She found professionals to make repairs, paint, and referred us to a staging company. Everyone she recommended turned out to be exceptional at their jobs and the staging looked incredible! She planned and ran the open house and did all of the leg work for us. Being first time sellers, we were really nervous about making decisions on our own. Jen was able to offer us advice and provide relevant facts (selling rates in the area, etc.), allowing us to make informed decisions.

It was truly a pleasure to work with Jen. She is absolutely a people person and I HIGHLY recommend her for any real estate needs!"

- Jessica M.
"Jen Rix is absolutely the best realtor I have ever met. She is so personable, outgoing and has a great attitude! Jen helped me find not just a house, but a loving home of my own. She rocks!"

- Kandi R.
"Jen Rix is the ULTIMATE real estate professional! She has a great personality, tremendous energy and is great at staying in touch with her clients and keeping them up to date with what's going on. A+++"

- Dean R.
"Fantastic! Amazing! Hilarious! Should I go on?

Jen is a great person to work with and was very in tune with my late-20's requirement to live in the midst of a hip neighborhood (Normal Heights!). We searched and searched and eventually found a great condo. She is a very tenacious and very professional. All of my questions and concerns (I had a lot, being a first time buyer) were addressed promptly.

If you are ready to keep up with her fast pace then you'll be first in line for everything involved in buying a home: showings, offer submittals, counter-offers, etc. I most definitely was and it really helped in this quick turnaround market."

- Spencer W.
"I could not of had a better experience in working with any other real estate agent than Jen Rix!!!!!!

Being a first time home buyer I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But because I happen to of been referred to Jen by a good friend I got super lucky!!!!! From the get go Jen was very informative and answered any question I presented to her. And due to her fun, humorous sense of humor it made the whole house buying process a thrill. Jen sent me a listing of potential houses on a daily basis and when I happen to of found my dream house she gave it her all to make it happen!!!!!!! Awesome experience!!!!"

- Matt S.
"Jen is an amazing realtor. My parents recommended her highly. After working with her and
buying a home I do as well.

She is fun to work with and does an amazing job of helping your figure out what you're looking for. I'm going to miss going to look at places with her now that I've found one. She follows up and always points out great options that you may have missed in your own search. She's not too hard pushy when you're not quite ready, but she knows exactly how to move a deal forward once you've found something you're sure about. Once we made an offer she knew how to get things done very quickly and painlessly. The whole process was finished in no time and very professionally.

Jen is top notch and I wouldn't recommend anyone else."

- Scott S.
"My husband and I are just starting to look for our 2nd home. We currently live in a small condo in Mission Valley and are looking to expand to something bigger that we can actually call home (and hopefully raise kids in when the time is right). I had a great sit down with Jen the other day where we discussed different places my husband and I were looking at and she was very enthusiastic about helping us find exactly what we need.

She had great input and asked many questions in order to make sure we are on the right track. She knows that we might be a little ways off but I know she has a genuine interest in helping us achieve our goal and I know we will find the right house sooner than later with Jen.

I am so excited to work with her and will surely keep all Yelpers informed thought this exciting process!!! Lets find our house!!!"

- Courtney C.
"We have worked with Jen Rix for the past 3 years until we finally found a house. Jen never batted an eyelash when we wanted to see a place, even when it was not a place that met our perceived desires. She is fearless when checking out places, pretty amusing sometimes! I would not hesitate to recommend Jen and her associate, Megan Beauvais, for any real estate needs. They don't hesitate to point out negatives you may have overlooked.

I highly recommend Jen in your search for the perfect place."

- Annette L.
"Overall Jen is a great RE agent and I would recommend her to friends and family. Jen helped me buy my first home and going through the process was a very good experience. Jen was available to answer my questions and chat and she was objective in her answers and not biased. It did take us a while to sync up on my search needs and likes but that was mostly my fault as a first time home buyer. However when we synced up Jen found something immediately and we moved fast.

I have no doubt I will be calling Jen when it’s time to look for a new place."

- Nick B.
"My fiancé and I were looking to buy our first house and were a bit intimidated at the beginning. Thank goodness we called Jen! She made the whole process so exciting and walked us through each step until we found the perfect home. She's always available to answer questions and really does go above and beyond to expedite what can be an arduous process!

Jen's positivity and humor made our stress disappear and I would recommend her to any family member or friend looking to start the house-hunt. Jen is the BEST!!!"

- Lily C.
"Almost a year ago, I was a first-time homebuyer and looking to buy a home or a condo, and looked on Yelp for information on real estate agents. I found Jen's reviews and decided to meet with her. And let me say that I truly lucked out in that regard. Jen was a professional at every step in the way, from looking for a home to even the post-purchase times. Heck, even her referrals to home improvement guys were all gems.

If you are looking to buy or sell your home, Jen is the person you need."

- Jim T.
"First off, you couldn't ask for a better real estate agent than Jen! I was on a long and drawn our process of looking for a condo for almost 3 years and she stuck by me the entire time. She was very thoughtful and would email me listings right as they hit the market that she thought would interest me based on my personal preferences. In addition, she really catered to my busy schedule and put up with my last minute requests to see properties.

Being a first time home buyer, naturally I had many questions and concerns, all of which Jen was more than happy to help me answer and address. Her positive attitude and fun personality made condo hunting so much more fun! What I appreciated most was that she would always give her honest opinion and input, which was very useful since she is experienced in the San Diego real estate market and I had no idea what I was doing!

Working with Jen was such a pleasure, and I highly recommend her to anyone else who is looking for a fantastic real estate agent!"

- Stephanie W.
"We feel so fortunate to have found Jen during our home buying process! My boyfriend and I were first time home buyers and naturally a little nervous about purchasing our first home. Jen made our entire experience fun and exciting and helped to ease so many of our concerns along the way. I'm a very analytical and thorough person which can sometimes make me a tough critic. Yet, on more than one occasion, my boyfriend and I were impressed at how fast Jen responded to any requests or concerns we had.

Throughout the whole process, she was always available to us (especially through a particularly tough escrow deadline.) She took the time to break everything down for us and went the extra mile on more than one occasion. Our escrow deadline was a nightmare and yet she somehow made everything fall into place. She is knowledgeable, diligent and extremely easy to work with. Simply put, we could not have asked for a better Realtor!"

- Kerryann B.
"Super-energetic, and ultra meticulous realtor! Jen went above & beyond to find us a wonderful home with tons of character, in a fantastic neighborhood. She took care of us while we entered escrow and made sure nothing slipped through the cracks while we traveled to Peru - excellent, excellent, excellent - 5 stars just aren't enough!”

- Clara B.
"Jen is such a pleasure to work with. Not only is she extremely professional but also makes looking for a home an enjoyable experience. She was able to find us our dream home and at an amazing price."

- Jennifer S.
"I am a relatively young first time home buyer, I was nervous and a little overwhelmed by the daunting task of buying a home in San Diego. I also knew very little about the whole process of buying a home, but then I met Jen, and now consider myself lucky to have had the pleasure of having her work as my agent.

First of all, I'll let you know that I had a good recommendation for another agent from some close friends of mine, and was more inclined to use the connection through friends than take a gamble on an agent that I didn't know. But after meeting with Jen, I felt like she asked better questions and found out the right information and I felt like she had a better understanding of what I was looking for in a house. She made it as easy and as comfortable as possible, which was important to me as a first-timer, and she's really friendly, personable and energetic which made her fun to work with as well. She bent over backwards helping me through a tough escrow on a deadline. She recommended a fantastic loan officer, carpet cleaners, home inspector, cleaning services, pet inspection, etc. I bought a short-sale, so my escrow kept getting pushed back (as any escrow will these days), and she even handled RE-scheduling cleaning/inspection appointments every time my close date would change.

I could write an entire novel here trying to list all of the ways that Jen seriously went waaay above and beyond fantastic, but you can just look at her other postings, she is absolutely superb."

- Ginnie J.
"Jen is a wonderful realtor!

As a first time homebuyer, I was really unsure of how to get through the process on a short timeline (I wanted to close before the end of the year). Jen was very well organized and helpful in answering all of my questions. She also addressed all of my concerns quickly, getting the keys to my first home at 3 p.m. on December 31st! I couldn't have asked for a better first-time home buying experience, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new home!"

- Lisa M.
"Jen literally takes the misery out of looking for a home. It's a stressful and often disappointing experience; Jen makes looking for a house fun!

She's honest and is often the one to point out possible difficulties when looking at a property and has told us to not even bother with a property based on certain criteria we'd never think of (like the stone quarrey next door!).

She's absolutely wonderful and I would recommended her over and over again."

- Sharon G.

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